Terms & Changes we have taken to protect all of us from Covid-19

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All the humanity is living in an unprecedented situation. It is a true fact that the uncertainty, combined with changes in our daily lives, make the lives of many of us difficult. It takes patience and faithful adherence to the rules and recommendations of Health experts.

From our side, we would like to inform you that we all work systematically, so that we are ready to welcome you safely. Below, you will find the framework of hygiene and safety terms that we are ready to implement so as to protect both our guests and our employees. Our goal is your holidays in our villas to be safe:

- We changed the mode of operation and from this year we do not provide breakfast
- All our apartments have a kitchen equipped with the necessary utensils e.g. toaster for making breakfast and more.
- In our apartments you will find consumables and cleaning tools, disinfectants, cleaning products, etc. so that you can manage your space yourself, if you wish.
- The apartments will be delivered to you clean and sterile and during your stay you will not come in contact with anyone. You will put the unwashed sheets and towels in special bags which close and upon consultation with us we will collect them.
- We use cleaning and disinfection protocols after the departure of the guests and before the next guest's arrival in the room, paying special attention to the objects, the kitchen utensils and every object that is in the area of ​​the apartment.
- Visits from people who do not live in our premises will not be allowed.
- Our bookings are made by phone and online so as to avoid contact with sellers and as few people as possible to visit our premises.
- Also the reservations are made only after booking and not by passing customers who ask to see the apartment and then book. This can not happen because the apartments will be sterile and ready for the next customer.
- There are at least 24 hours between bookings
- Check in time changed after 15.00 pm. And check out is 11.00 am.
- Continuous information and faithful application of the instructions of the Hellenic National Organization of Public Health
- Training from the medical university for the design and implementation of hygiene and safety measures inside the facilities.
- Staff training.
- Systematic daily disinfection at contact points and frequent use such as benches, common door handles, WCs, etc.
- Hand sanitizers in all public areas.
- Provision of surgical masks and gloves to staff and guests where necessary based on the instructions of the Hellenic National Organization of Public Health.

Hostel staff are essential for an effective cleaning program. In this direction, from the first moment of the COVID-19 news, we expanded the support measures:

Hand hygiene
- The proper and frequent hand washing is vital to combating the spread of viruses. In our daily meetings, our groups remind us that cleanliness begins with this simple act. It is important for their health and for our guests.

- Cleaning products and cleaning and disinfection protocols
- We always work with our partners and suppliers to make sure they can use products that kill the virus, as well as, the protective equipment needed for their operation. We use anti-virus cleaning products and protocols, such as the ZeoTec product line

Public spaces
- Increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in public areas, with an emphasis on reception door handles, shared bathrooms and room keys.

We stay by your side, together with security, for the best experience of your vacation.