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Stefani tis Makrinas | Luxury Villas - Guesthouse Makrinitsa Pelion

Makrinitsa, the "balcony" of Pelion. One of the most characteristic settlements with mansions and houses that look like hanging like ornaments on the green slope. It is built on the slope of the mountain where its lowest point is 350m altitude. and the highest 750m. It is 17 km from Volos. A deceptive figure, however, because when the visitor of the city looks to the mountain, its horizon opens upward and his gaze embraces Makrinitsa, crouching on the steep slope of the mountain, standing an uninterrupted bluff over the city.

It is remarkable that Makrinitsa kept its traditional color unchanged over time. Half an hour's drive and a delightful walk through the narrow pedestrian walkway will bring the visitor to the central square of the village where you can enjoy your coffee overlooking the panoramic view of Volos and Pagasitikos where you can see the waters of Pagasitikos, when golden as a huge mirror in the lap of Pelion's frame. Also on the wall of the cafeteria in Plateia you will have the chance to admire a wall painting by the painter Theofilos entitled "Battle in Krya Vryssi".
The miniature of the Pelion architecture is the stone church of St. John the Baptist (1800) at Makrinitsa Square. Next to the idyllic fountain "Immortal water", ending all the picturesque cobbled paths of the village, offering for walks between the traditional stone houses and the beautiful well-preserved mansions of traditional Pelion architecture. Among the restored mansions there are also some well-known families such as the Topalis mansion where the Folklore Museum is housed. Many of the old mansions function as guesthouses offering their guests a comfortable stay in an environment where the past lives and reveals aspects and pictures of other times.

The visit is legally inevitable and the reward is unique, unrepeatable. If someone were planning the round of the world in 80 days, they would certainly have included Makrinitsa as a place of visit.