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To Stefani tis Makrinas
Luxury villas - Guest House Makrinitsa - Pilio
“Once upon a time on the balcony of Pelion, the Magnificent Makrinitsa lived five fairies, always courteous and hospitable, treating all passers-by and strangers who needed rest and shelter. The clearing just above the village, called Stepheni, was their home and as you would today, you will find them in the Wreath of Makrina, in the guesthouse where the fairies were transformed into luxurious villas ready to accommodate you in a magical place .“

Our luxurious villas located in Makrinitsa are waiting for you to meet your every need beside the lit fireplace with the unique sense of hospitality from the mountain of the Centaurs. They are the ideal choice for quiet and relaxing holidays all year round and are aimed at families and couples...





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Our Place

Our Place

Makrinitsa, the "balcony" of Pelion. One of the most characteristic settlements with mansions and houses that look like hanging like ornaments on the green slope. It is built on the slope of the mountain where its lowest point...